Discover Your Personality Part 2

For our second blog, we have prepared more color personalities. This time we are looking at the purple, pink yellow and white personalities.


 Going for the purple means that you are a sensitive and compassionate person. Always supporting and understanding of others, you are the one everybody seeks for advice. Just be careful to not let people take advantage of your kindness. 

You are gentle and free-spirited but quite sensitive to hurtful comments, so try to work on that. Own yourself, before they do!

 Purple can also hint that you are more introverted than extroverted and because of that you may seem a tiny bit shy but remember that your energy and charisma are what draws others to you!

You are quite creative, not only with your ideas, but also fashion and home décor.

Go on, you, that’s impressive!


 The colour of pink speaks about a loving and generous person. And that’s exactly who you are! You are the warmest person in the room. You enjoy taking care of others and helping them in any way you can. Just be careful to not lose yourself while doing so.

You always at look life through rose-colored glasses and have that youthful appearance about yourself.

However, you can also be very organised and methodical, putting everything in your life in order.


 Hey, look at you, always the star of the party! With your cheerful and approachable personality you easily attract others - every stranger you meet is bound to become your friend.

You are very creative, always coming up with new ideas but a red flag may be that you can sometimes have your head in the clouds a bit too much.

You tend to not be a hard worker – you are a smart worker. You may sometimes be a little reserved, but you bloom like a flower in the company of the right people!


White speaks of transformation and transition. If this is the colour you favour, you are preparing for a new beginning. You like to dress to impress and always have your things in order.

You look at life from the bright side and like balance in everything you do. You are good in keeping secrets so you friends can always feel comfortable to spill the tea in front of you!

You tend to be careful with your finances, and self – control comes naturally to you.