Discover Your Personality Part 1

Ever wondered what’s the meaning behind your favourite colour? How it ties up with your personality? Here, at Lars Kaizer, this is something we are pretty passionate about as we have a case #ForEveryPersonality! We spent a lot of time and energy researching the topic and here is what we found:


This is the colour of confidence! You re extroverted, do not shy away from challenges and like to take charge of projects!

You are an active personality – like to exercise and always be on the move. You get excited when you are faced with new things to do.

On the other side, you like to be the centre of attention, to be adored.

You are ambitious and competitive. With you, it is always now or never, all or nothing!

You have an entrepreneurial mind, always ready to explore. Go, Dora! Go, Dora! 


If blue is your colour of choice you are usually seen as being trustworthy, reliable and conservative by others.

You are not particularly fond of making rash decisions, so you like to take your sweet time thinking about your next move!

You are a man/girl of your word, always taking responsibilities seriously.

As every other person though you need your peace and quiet so you would really benefit from spending a bit of time meditating and finding your inner peace away from the crowds.


Balance is what you seek. That’s why you often look for ways to connect with nature. Honesty is a word you live by. Generosity and compassion are in your blood and you genuinely enjoy helping others.

 Good ideas often come to you, but details overwhelm you, so you tend to delegate the execution to someone else. Most of the time you prefer to sit back, relax and enjoy your life.


With the teal, you value your time and your quirkiness too much to let other people mess with you. You are always open to new ideas and never judge situations and people too quickly. You know this by heart: ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’.


Prestige and power come hand in hand with this colour. This means you like to call the shots and be independent of others. Argh.

You are not a fan of restrictions and try to exist in the unconventional.

However, you can sometimes lack a sense of humour so, hey, try to bring some colour into your life – life is good, life is fun!

You may sometimes appear intimidating to others, even your closest family and friends because of your demanding and perfectionist attitude.